The future of safe, connected healthcare starts with the individual

With Cuviva, all digital healthcare and home safety services are collected into one personalised solution, providing one source of patient information accessible to all caregiver categories and one channel for real-time communication with healthcare and family. Meet Cuviva – the future of distributed healthcare.

Cuviva empowers individuals and help caregivers play a more active role in people's health.

One personalised solution for healthcare and safety at home. One source of patient information. One channel for communication with healthcare and family. And all of this in just one package, based on a scalable platform providing personalised communication tools and interfaces, and an open framework for adding new functionality. Cuviva delivers everything needed for healthcare to accelerate digitalisation, starting from the individual.

We firmly believe it is a
human right to feel safe and independent in your home


Cuviva is a scalable platform that connects the individual with health care professionals and relatives, providing personalised health services, real-time communication, and shared patient data. The Cuviva solution consists of four modules offering unique possibilities to cover all aspects of healthcare and safety at home: MyCuviva, Cuviva Cloud, Cuviva Home and Cuviva Communication. Please read more below.

Responsible sharing of information enhances efficiency throughout the value chain.

Thanks to Cuviva, the individual’s everyday health measurements and health records over time are safely stored and collected in one place, and provided from just one source – the individual. This means that she is in charge of her own data, and can share relevant and updated information with any care team of her choice. This is a dramatic change compared to the situation in healthcare today, where every caregiver create their own records, based on random patient appointments in the past instead of real-time data. Therefore, Cuviva is not just life-changing for the individual, Cuviva redefines healthcare work from inside out.

Adaptable communication tools and smart interfaces.

Cuviva is all about simplicity and personalisation. For the individual, health services and support for the daily life at home is right at the fingertips, via tablet or smartphone. And of course, Cuviva offer support for different languages and cognitive limitations. 

For the caregiver, real-time patient data is processed, analysed and presented in order to help doctors and nurses prioritise their work, and to take safe and informed decisions. Last but not least, mobile health care teams and family are also connected via Cuviva.

  • Choose interface depending on individual capabilities
  • Communicate via symbols, text, voice or video
  • Safe and efficient caregiver overview, with detailed layers just beneath

Open to innovation.

Cuviva offers an open API framework where e.g. new sensors can be added to the ecosystem as they are developed and launched. In the Cuviva ecosystem, sensors, wearables and devices of different brands will live in parallel, all to the gain of the individual and the healthcare system. Therefore, different types of medical conditions and personal needs can be supported and managed digitally.


  • Cuviva defines intuitive user friendliness
  • Functionality and services can be added and refined over time
  • Caregivers choose what level of functionality they wish